Sinhagad – Lion’s Fort, Pune

Christmas, 2011, saw us visit Sinhagad, a fortress some 30 kilometres south-west of Pune. We drove there somewhat early in the morning as we were warned that the traffic and crowds would increase as the day wore on.


As it happened we kind of lost our way a bit and that goes to show that there exist no prominent sign boards to guide you there. However, that provided a nice little interlude for a quick trip to the toilet, some tea and a grand view of the Deccan Traps.

After backtracking a little through some bad village roads with pleasant rural scenes on either side, we reached the steep climb to the cliff (700 metres above sea levelish), part of the Bhuleshwar range (Sahyadri Mountains). It’s quite a mess to go by carĀ and parking might be the least of woes.


Opting for a restorative tea and Kanda Bhaji was the only way to pay for parking. Continue reading