Pune is a city of two-wheelers and the larger number of these are women, mostly girls, all togged up to protect their faces from pollution. And it’s not uncommon to see these girls with a male friend riding pillion.

Pune has a significant number of women on motorcycles

Pune is, in general, very horizontal, socially speaking. The word “Bai” is used for any lady, be it the one who cooks and cleans for you or her employer. The working Bai is always well dressed and commands great respect.

Here is Vaishali who’s seen a pretty tough life and has survived a rather terrible accident. This is one gutsy lady!

Women and food is an easy connection. Though most Pune eateries are run by men, women are beginning to make their mark, slowly but surely.  We have a Vietnamese eatery, Smiley House, run by the smiling Hoa Be and IDDOS, for example.


This young lady runs an ice cream parlour, famous for some unusual flavours

To cap it all, you have a strong woman labour force in town. Mostly migrant, these ladies do some pretty hefty hefting all clad in colourful saris.

Building a mighty academic institution, these women are not left behind by the nation as there are cases where their kids have joined this place as students

Migrants face hassles all over the world. A grand salute to the girls from the North-East who work hard and give their best, though they undergo all manner of troubles from narrow minded idiots.

While working in a beauty parlour or some such occupation is one option, we must not forget the large student population of Pune, with youngsters from all over the country and the world.

The Malls employ a lot of smart young women. Efficient and pretty as a picture, these girls bring various skills and a pleasant manner to all their tasks.

2015-02-28 13.21.36.jpg
Reliance has a bevy of lady employees and even has visiting specialists such as this lady who’s offering a makeover. She did a splendid job on me.

Women from all walks of life people the roads of Pune. Commuting, chauffeuring family to school or for medical care or just for an outing, on foot or behind the wheel, women here are on the move!

Always on the move. Is she shifting residence or selling something? However that may be, her smile will light her road in life!

Women are flowers. They surely need no added raison d’etre. Pune flower sellers are often ladies.

Sleeping in the seated position is a fine art. But who can blame her for catching forty winks? She’s surely finished washing a mountain of clothes, cooking all the day’s meals and made her house spic and span before reporting for duty.

Though the average Pune lady is quite serious, it is not infrequent to spot playfulness.

These beautiful girls have mischief cascading out of their eyes

Women maybe flowers but we can be fierce too. The gentle ladies of Pune can give you what for if you try any funny stuff.

She is one fierce saleswoman!

Being a woman can be hard work and an occasional game is very restorative. All work and no play can make Jyoti a dull devi.

These sweethearts are playing some traditional game on the roadside. No millionaire can have such a happy smile!

Pune is one of the best cities in India for women. Girls cruise the city long after dark, on work, for a night out on the town, as cops, or just for enjoying the cool of dusk.


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