Tampopo -Food Porn And A Takeoff On Movie Genres

Dear readers, you’ll have to forgive me for wandering off my usual circuit but, for now, at least, my parikrama takes us on a tour of some fantastic films from around the world. We’re starting with Japan.

For a 1985 film, Tampopo is surprisingly easy to watch if you can break out of the usual habits of watching. As the opening scenes caution, it’s a sin to crunch popcorn or have phones beefing when watching a film. Blink and you’ll miss the connections.

But I confess I’m abnormally restless and had only a fleeting idea of the film when I first saw it. Flashes remained – a spaghetti eating scene, an erotic scene involving food, a scene where a master explains how one should eat ramen…I was drawn to watch it again and now I end up watching it at intervals – each time I notice something more – a sound here, a piece of acting there, a reference, a lighting…

As it happens, in 2006 there appeared a Ramen film which makes many references to Tampopo.

With a high score on Rotten Tomatoes and supposed to be a favourite of Edward Norton on IMDB, this is a film which will tickle you enormously and it’s a must have, an absolute collector’s item.

Rent it on Netflix or buy it on Amazon, I promise you’ll have acquired a treasure.