Scandal, a 2008 Japanese drama – A Real Treat!

I can’t tell you how many doramas I’ve tried and given up half way and that’s mainly because I am a very fidgety person. Scandal has kept us gripped till now – we’re at the 6th episode.

The drama opens with a woman tending to her family. The elegant Kyoka Suzuki as Takako Takayanagi will remind one of who she was in Dakara Koya where she played a very submissive housewife who breaks free. Yet in this drama she is full of facets and we can smile at her wiles.  Here, as the drama begins, she is shown as an excellent housewife and mother with a careless husband who is probably cheating on her and a teenage daughter with attitude. She is in her forties.


Next comes Kyoko Hasegawa as Hitomi Kawai. This one is also a docile wife and mother of two little children. She is always up to her elbows in household chores. Her husband is not sympathetic.


 And then there’s a flighty young thing, Kazue Fukiishi as Mayuko Samejima. Well, frankly, she seems to be enjoying the ideal life – pampered wife of a successful plastic  surgeon.


 Last but not least is Kaori Momoi as Tamaki Shindo. She works as lawyer while her lawyer husband looks after the house. And they have a son who’s shut himself up in his room. So far we’ve not seen him. We have had a glimpse that suggests that his father calls him when mom is out and he emerges. Also, mom has a ritual of going to his door with his food and talking to him about her day.


All these ladies have been invited to a wedding. Naho Toda, Risako Shiraishi, is somehow connected to all of them.


All these women get together on the eve of the wedding and it appears that a ‘game’ has been suggested! Each lady has to find a male drinking companion for the evening.

Naturally, our first girl is scandalised. She walks off. Her attempt to accost a passerby for the purpose is a hilarious failure and she returns to the group.

The younger ones have each found a young man – a hairdresser for the mother and a banker for the flighty wife. The lawyer returns with a most unappetising specimen – a great actor, though! Fumiyo Kohinata as detective Ryutaro Katsushima.


Normally, he acts as a very unassuming man but here he is very macho and this results in a delightful performance – he looks down on these women!

Anyway, soon we find that the bride to be has disappeared. Her groom to be seems distraught.

However, all is murky. Everyone has secrets. The 4 ladies all dislike each other. The respective husbands become grumpy with the nightly bonding sessions of their wives.

Ikki Sawamura as Hidenori Takayanagi, the husband of the first lady, has done justice to his role but to appreciate his art I would suggest Gisou no Fuufu.


We suspect that he is having an affair and so does his wife. But it emerges that more’s the matter than meets the eye.

Ken Mitsuishi as Yuichi Kawai is a rather crotchety husband to his dreamy wife. He works in the finance ministry and worries that her involvement with this scandal will harm his reputation but doesn’t he have more to hide than she does?


And then is my personal heartthrob! Kenichi Endo as the doting Kenji Samejima but then I’d suspect him the first with his Yakuza looks.


The lawyer househusband is runner up as husband material but let’s not get fooled because he sports an apron!


Full of intrigue, with a twist at every episode end, Scandal is a delightful series.

I can see that the DVD is available on


It’s really worth the watch.